Cohort #1: Pricing and Client Value in the Legal Industry. For Pricing Chiefs and Directors.  Sub-Groups Include:

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Pricing Leaders Cohort Leadership

Tracey Bellapianta
Associate Director of New Business

Dwight Floyd ALPP
Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP 
Director of Pricing and Profitability

Kevin Vaarsi ALPP
Fenwick & West LLP 
Director of Pricing and Product Development


Cohort #2 - Legal Project Management Leaders. Sub-Groups Include:

  • Defining the Role and Measuring the Value of a Legal Project Management Director

  • Legal Pricing and Project Management Software Tools

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LPM Leaders Cohort Leadership

Thomas Agostinelli, PMP, ALPM

Kevin Bielawski MBA, PMP, ALPP
Husch Blackwell 
Director of Legal Project Management & Strategic Pricing

Leslie Brown, ALPM
Hogan Lovells 
Head of Legal Project Management - Americas


Cohort #3 - In-House Legal Business Professionals. 

The In-house Cohort is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of legal operations, procurement, and in-house counsel efforts.  The Cohort meets monthly via phone/webex, and participates in the Institute's Annual January Meeting in Miami.  The scope includes opportunities that reside within client organizations as well as opportunities that come from improving partnerships with outside providers.  Example topics include:

  • Strategy:  How to best help General Counsel meet company goals; how to make the shift from tactical to strategic support; how to provide proactive support; and how to identify what obstacles exist for providing better services without going over budget.

  • Performance Management:  Finding ways to help firms achieve their goals while ensuring performance management; identifying or developing an industry standard for performance management; and defining metrics and their related meaning.

  • Reporting and Analytics:  Sharing how people use data in a predictive manner, sharing what reports people are using and how they are using them (e.g., insights that they provide, frequency, target audiences, identification of savings opportunities).

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In-House Cohort Leadership

Rebecca Benavides
Director of Legal Business

Justin Ergler
Director, Alternative Fee Intelligence and Analytics

Lisa Khan
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Director of Strategic Sourcing


Cohort #4:  Managers & Analysts Cohort.  For Up-and-Coming Managers/Analysts of Pricing, Legal Project Management, and In-House Teams.

  • Cohort created by request of the other Cohorts wanting a forum for professionals who have not yet risent to the level of chief or director.

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 Members can also access a library of past calls here.

Managers & Analysts Cohort Leadership

Adam Barvels, ALPP, ALPM
McKool Smith 
Director of Pricing & Strategy

Mikhail Makarovsky, ALPP
Norton Rose Fulbright LLP 
Sr. Manager, Pricing and Project Management

Joshua Zorger
Baker McKenzie 
Senior Manager, Global Pricing & Analytics